State Enterprise “Malyshev Plant”, which is a part of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”, has taken its military equipment production output to a new level and has doubled production indicators in the first quarter of 2020 comparing to the same period of 2019.

This was informed by the “Malyshev Plant” Director General Mr.Vasyl Krylas.

"An analysis of the enterprise performance in the first quarter of 2020, compared to the same period of 2019, showed that in the first three months we managed to achieve an increase in production output of 211%," said the director of the enterprise. "If in January-March of the last year the production output at “Malyshev Plant” amounted to about UAH 142 million, now the finished products production output indicators are equal to UAH 301 million," said Vasyl Krylas.

Thus, 26 tank engines were manufactured at the “Malyshev Plant” this year. 6 items in January, 10 items per month in February and March. According to Vasyl Krylas, despite the initiated quarantine in the state, the Malyshev plant has fully fulfilled the planned volume of works and production activities within the framework of its contractual obligations.

In the first quarter of this year, the total sales of products amounted to UAH 326 million, which is 68% more than in the same quarter last year (UAH 193 million in 2019).

According to the production director of SE "Malyshev Plant" Herman Smetanin, today the plant is gradually loading production facilities, first of all facilities of the Engine Plant. After signing new contracts within the framework of the state defense order for the coming years, the “Malyshev Plant” will not only be capable of maintaining the output level of military production, but also of increasing it: "In the near future, we are planning to deliver the next batch of equipment to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. We are talking about a batch of modernized BM “Bulat” tanks. In addition, the plant will complete the production of BTR-4 hulls for Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau. The engine production branch will also be manufacturing 10 engines each month according to the approved schedule," said the production director.


The BTR-4 is a powerful fighting wheeled vehicle that has been used successfully by the Ukrainian military since the first days of the war in the east of the country and has repeatedly proven to be highly efficient on the battlefield. Manufacture of hulls for light armored vehicles at "Malyshev" is a relatively new production area, which the enterprise managed to successfully master. The Plant has retained its staffing potential, so nowadays there are crews with specialized experience in armor welding which are operating in workshops of the enterprise.

BM “Bulat” is the main battle tank used in the country's tank troops. This combat vehicle is an in-depth modernization of T-64B. Over the past 3 years, more than 50 BM “Bulat” vehicles have been repaired by “Malyshev” and transferred to the Ukrainian army. The vehicles were restored after damage in the combat zone in the east of the state. “Malyshev” specialists not only repaired the vehicles, but also made major upgrades to make them more advanced in terms of tactical and technical characteristics.