State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant" has shipped another batch of two repaired and upgraded tanks BM "Bulat" to the customer.

State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant" has shipped another batch of two repaired and upgraded tanks BM "Bulat" to the customer.

Thus, as of July 2020, 50% of the state contract was fulfilled by the enterprise in compliance with the agreed time limits.

“We not only carried out factory repairs of machines according to their technical condition, but also installed modern equipment with improved characteristics. Thanks to the new radio station and modern means of navigation, our military will be able to more conveniently and efficiently coordinate actions and communication between the crew and the command. Modern aiming and surveillance devices will provide better control of the situation, in particular, at night, "- said the Director General of SE "Malyshev Plant” Vasyl Krylas.

The restored "Bulats" successfully passed all the necessary field tests. In particular, the combat vehicles covered a distance of 100 kilometers, demonstrated excellent performance while driving, showed great results of firing and other field tests. After acceptance tests, the upgraded vehicles were handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant” specializes in the production and modernization of heavy and light armored vehicles for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and foreign customers. Among the main products and services of the enterprise are BM "Oplot", modernization of the T-64 tank to the type of BM "Bulat", armored personnel carriers BTR-3, BTR-4, modernization of armored personnel carriers BTR-50.

BM "Bulat" - the main battle tank used in the tank troops of the Armed Forces. This combat vehicle is an in-depth modernization of the T-64B tank. During the last four years "Malyshev Plant" has repaired more than fifty BM "Bulat" tanks after damage in the war zone in the east of the country and handed them over to the Ukrainian Army. Not only have "Malyshev Plant" specialists repaired the vehicles, but also modernized them to improve their tactical and technical characteristics. In particular, the machines have been equipped with new modern means of communication and navigation, as well as aiming and night vision devices.