BTR-4 all-wheel drive, armored, amphibious vehicle wheel formula 8X8. Armored personnel carrier designed as a basic machine of a new generation of wheeled armored vehicles. The design and layout of the machines allow no modification to produce significant changes, differing levels of protection and established weapons. It can be used in mechanized infantry divisions of ground troops as an armored vehicle or wheeled infantry fighting vehicle. Large useful volume of the housing provides accommodation to create various equipment and machines provide auxiliary facilities. Unlike similar equipment, the focus is on the comfort of the crew and landing.


Description Measurement unit Value
Weight of the vehicle version:
    • with anti-bullet protection
t 17.5+3%
    • with additional protection
t within 25+3%
Configuration 8x8
Crew commander, gunner, driver
Vehicle-borne troops 7-9
(Depending on the type of the fighting module)
Power-to-weight ratio:
    • with anti-bullet protection
hp/t at least 28.6
    • with additional protection
hp/t at least 20
Maximum speed of movement:
    • on road
km/h 110
    • in water
km/h up to 10
Cruising range km at least 690
Gradient degrees 30
Side slope degrees 25
Engine that can be installed:
Model and type of engine 3TD two-stroke engine
Max output hp 500

(600 hp version is also available)

Model and type of reserve version of engine DEUTZ ЕВРО ІІІ four-stroke engine
Max output hp 489 or 598
Armament depending on the type of the installed fighting module