A brief history of Plant

SE “Malyshev plant”—one of the oldest machinery plant in the CIS, Ukraine, Kharkiv. The plant has 123 years of history; it is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine.

Our company manufactures a range of products: special purpose vehicles (wheeled and tracked), engines for such vehicles, cars for pipelines reparation without pipes excavation, spare parts and accessories for drilling equipment and vehicles for coal mining. Traditional products for the enterprise are gas engine generators, which are used in power plants, diesel locomotive engines.


State enterprise "Malyshev Plant" was founded in 1895 as a locomotive plant.

During the first 15 years of activity the following range of engineering products was mastered: steam engines, machine tools, pumps, compressors, agricultural machines, and internal combustion engines, the first tanks. In 20-30’s of XX century, the plant manufactured oil and natural gas engines. The marine diesel engine of Sulzer design was manufactured without foreign assistance. The first domestic airless injection diesel engine D40 was also designed and manufactured here..

1911. Oil and natural gas engines production started.

1921. Series E locomotives production started.

1924. The first caterpillar tractor built in the USSR under Hanomag license.

1929. First piece of Sulzer design marine diesel engine.

1931. The first Soviet home-designed D40 injection diesel engine

During this period, first mass production of locomotives, tractors, engines, have been widely used gas and electric welding, gas metal cutting in the country's. The production of the cast tank armour, special steel and complex press forming was also organized on the plant. The plant prepared, equipped and organised the first domestic mass production of light tanks of BT series.

1931. BT-2 tanks manufacturing started.

1935. CO series main locomotives manufacturing started.

1935. More powerful caterpillar tractors “Komintern” production started.

1935. Artillery tractor “Voroshilovets” with diesel engine BD-2, manufactured on the plant, was produced.

1936. First sample of tank BT-7 was manufactured.

1937. Cast armour steel manufacturing was mastered.

An outstanding achievement of the plant staff was the creation of tank T-34 with diesel engine B-2; the tank was recognized as the best tank of the WW2. The production of T-34 was until 1947 in the USSR. Soviet army had the tank in service until the beginning of the 1970-s. Totally, there were around 70.000 tanks manufactured (modifications included). That made the tank the most mass-produced in the entire tank development history.

1939. Serial production of various modifications of tank diesel B-2 started.

1940. Start of the T-34/76 production tank manufacturing.

1942. In the process of tank production the automatic welding (by academic Paton’s participation and method) was implemented

1943. Modernised T-34/85 was manufactured.

1947. Manufacturing of locomotives TE-1 with diesel D50 started.

In the postwar period, for the first time in the Soviet Union, there was the mass production of diesel locomotives and diesel engines for them. Locomotive TE-3 production launched the country’s transfer to the diesel locomotive traction.

1947. Manufacturing of locomotives TE-1 with diesel D50 started.

1951. Initiation of production of 2-stroke Diesel engines of type D100 of 2000 h.p.


Manufacture of cargo main line diesel locomotive TE-3 with Diesel engine 2D100.

In 50-70’s the first national Antarctic snow tractors “Kharkovchanka” production, full-scale production of main tanks T-64, artillery tractors, locomotive, marine and stationary diesel-generators commenced.

1957. Production of army truck tractor BTM-3.


1964. Initiation of full-scale production of tank turbo-piston diesel engines 5TDF.

1964. Initiation of full-scale production of main tanks T-64.

1967. Manufacture of the first tank diesel engines 6TD.

1977. Start of heavy carrier MTT production.

1978. Start of stationary automated diesel-generator sets 5D70 production.

In 80’s new tanks T-64BM and T-80UD, the predecessors of modern tank “Oplot”, were designed. Works on diesel D100 refinement were continued.

1980. Start of caterpillar tractor “454” production.

1983. Start of production of tank T-64BM with new diesel engine 6TD-1 of 1000 h.p.

1986. Initiation of production of main tanks T-80UD with diesel engine 6TD-1.

1989. Start of full-scale production of updated diesel engine 10D100M.

Fine progressive technical and economic indicators of product of the plant were provided by modern creative cooperation of constructors, technologists, operatives based on the scientific approach. Our plant is one of the founders of native factory science, it has always been famous for it’s highly qualified specialists and scientists.

Due to cooperation of the machine building Design Bureau named after A. A. Morozov and the engine building Design Bureau of state enterprise «Malyshev Plant» since the 30’s of of XX century and till nowadays it has been and still is the constitutor of new ideas in tank building. All history from the tank T-34 which was admitted to be the best tank during the World War II, landmark tank of the postwar period T-64 till modern fighting machines T-80UD, «Oplot» is the history of perfect technical decisions and advanced ideas.