This year the Malyshev plant celebrated the World Embroidery Day in a special way. On the eve of the holiday an idea to create a grand yellow-blue canvas with a tank «Oplot», embroidered with national patterns was created at the enterprise. The mission of Malyshev's tank-embroidery is to stand in the guard of peace in our country.

The area of a huge banner is about 6 square meters. The canvas symbolizes the flag of Ukraine and this idea required the connection of two canvases - yellow and blue one. The banner is intended for installation not only indoors, therefore, it is made of durable and rain-resistant and wind-resistant material. In the tank embroidery several patterns in the form of a kind of patchwork were used. For the authenticity of Ukrainian embroidery fragments are located on a white background, so the tank is embroidered on the third canvas sewn to the head as an applique. The large area of embroidery needed a huge number of stitches: their total number was about 3 million: 1.5 million went to the general silhouette of the combat vehicle, 750 thousand stitches on the embroidery of the name and logo of the company, approximately the same amount on the trunk of the tank.

The specialists of the factory of artistic products have realized this unusual idea. This work has become a real test of skill and strength for embroideresses. According to the manager of the factory of artistic products Anna Sklyar, the embroidery of the tank became the most difficult order for all years of their company's existence. The machine rebelled against the thick material, the needles were broken, the embroiderers worked at night and the weekend, but they managed to embroider a giant canvas. Incidentally, the family motivation became an additional stimulus.

"When our programmer found out about the order, she was very interested in it," - says Anna Sclyar.- "As it turned out, her grandfather worked at «Malyshev Plant», so she said that she would do such work - it's a matter of honor. She has inspired the team for its successful performance by her optimism and enthusiasm. In addition a lot of effort and patience was invested, but we succeeded. "

The unique canvas with the image of Malyshev's combat vehicle will become a symbol of the flagship of the armored industry of Ukraine and will present the company, decorate the festive and festive events.

"Embroidery is a symbol and traditions of Ukrainian culture and the very embroidery holiday symbolizes the unity of our people," - says Director General of the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Khlan. "Therefore we decided to create a canvas with an image of embroidered tank as a business card of our company's products to combine modernity with the national tradition."