A grandious cleaning has undergone at the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant».The working premises and the plant area became perfectly clean and workers of one of the shops even arranged a flower garden.

A large-scale symbolic Saturday cleaning covered all divisions of the enterprise. At first the day of cleanliness was resolutely announced at the branch «Aggregate plant». More than three hundred workers took part in the cleaning. Factory workers have put in place both workplaces and the territory of the plant: they collected building debris and leaves fallen away, saw down dry branches on the trees.

The relay of cleanliness was taken over by the workers of the main area of the enterprise. In a few days not only working premises, but also the territory of the plant has become exemplary neat. According to the head of the administrative department Mikhail Piotrovsky, all structural units have taken an active part in general cleaning.

"The workers of the plant have taken about 20 cubes of rubbish: last year's leaves, cut branches, dry grass, - recounts Mikhail Piotrovsky. - I would like to mention separately the workers of the instrumental shop: they not only removed the rubbish around the shop, but painted curbs and arranged a large beautiful flowerbed. Employees of the plant administration also devoted time to thoroughly cleaning. In each office windows have been washed, wiped dust and dirt. By the way, it should be noted that the general cleaning of the plant's territory was not one day, but throughout the week. People stayed after work to bring their work places in order."

One of the most active during the cleaning was the staff of the blacksmith's press shop. The women cut down the grass with safflies, swept and collected garbage, the men cleared the territory from overgrown bushes and trees with axes and chainsaw.
"We announced the team that we plan to clean the territory, and the workers of the shop have expressed a desire to join," -says the head of the shop Oleksandr Pleshka. - I believe that such measures are very important because people should be careful about the purity, so that the work was pleasant. "