The primary trade union organization of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union «Protection of Justice» gave the opportunity to the plant employees to travel through outer space, to enjoy theatrical art, to improve health in the sports and recreational institutions of the city.

According to Yuriy Stuparenko, chairman of the primary trade union organization of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union «Protection of Justice», the trade union found the opportunity to thank employees of the company for their work and to present tickets for visiting cultural and health institutions.

«A series of visits to cultural events was organized," - says Yuriy Stuparenko. –On the 18th of March members of our trade union organization are going to visit the Kharkiv planetarium. The event is devoted to the International Day of Planetarians. The planetarium offers a cognitive children's cartoon «Harmful Space Tips». The event will be held for members of the union: only our employees will attend the hall. For conduction of the event a guide will be specially provided and an interesting program for the Malyshev workers with children will be organized».

On the 23th of March members of Malyshev Team are waited for at the Kharkiv State Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater named after Shevchenko. The theater will show the action-comedy on 2 acts «Blues» of the production of Kharkiv stage director Oleg Rusov. On the same day, members of the union are invited to «THEATER 19» for the play «Start over». The creators of the performance are well-known stage director Igor Ladenko and artist Alexander Abmanov.

On the 23th, 24th, 25th of March members of the trade union are going to visit the salt room. According to its organizers, staying in it allows you to relax, improve your vitality, help in the treatment of certain diseases.

The plans of the union is to continue to organize visits to theaters, to conclude contracts with sports clubs in the city, where the workers of the plant will be able to engage in sports and improve their health. In addition, the issue of cooperation with insurance companies is being worked out on the possibility of concluding health insurance contracts in the interests of union members. The goal is to reimburse workers for the cost of treatment, which today costs a lot. It will also provide an opportunity to increase social protection and improve the material condition of employees.