According to the order of the general director the heads of 34 shops and departments were obliged to carry out the plans for preparations for winter 2018-2019 years.

Until the end of May the workshops and departments created repair and construction teams, which, in due time, should ensure the performance of the works provided. The production facilities, energy economy, transport and housing will be prepared for winter. Particular attention will be paid to the qualitative performance of these works. The works include repair of roofs, including built-in electrical and compressor stations in the buildings of workshops; provision of necessary stocks of charge, molding and auxiliary materials, coke coal, refractory raw materials which are necessary for the stable operation of the enterprise; repair of power, heat engineering and technological equipment. In addition, the plans are to provide reliable work of the gas industry in the winter conditions, the accumulation of winter types of lubricants and non-freezing cooling liquids. Also the repair of drains, thermal insulation, pipelines and shut-off valves of air supply, gas supply, water supply and sewage networks; rolling stock of railway transport are among planned works.