Modernization and upgrading of equipment is one of the key tasks of the enterprise. Recently a new truck was bought for the shop 935. According to the head of the motor-vehicle shop Oleksandr Malikhin, the need for such a car is dictated by time. The new cargo «MAZ» has a special and very important mission - the car should carry especially dangerous goods, ranging from flammable items and ending with ammunition.

- Planning this purchase we prepared all the feasibility studies in advance, having calculated that the new technology would be much more practical and cost-effective. Former «ZIL» car has been operating at the enterprise for more than 30 years, and today it can not carry out its functions, especially taking into account their specifics, - says Oleksandr Malikhin.

In the future the workshop has plans for further refurbishing of the fleet. According to Oleksandr Malikhin our plans for the near future is the purchase of a car of economy class, which will be used for the transportation of personnel. In addition, it is planned to buy a «GAZelle» car for the transportation of cargo weighing up to 2.5 tonswhich is almost 90% of all types of goods delivered to the plant according to the head of the shop 935.