On behalf of the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yulia Svitlychna and according to the decision of the trade union committee of the state enterprise «Malyshev Plant» will create a public reception of the governor.

During a recent working visit to the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Julia Svitlychna instructed to open the public reception of the Regional State Administration at the enterprise. Trade union committee of employees of the state enterprise «Malyshev Plant» approved the opening of the public reception hall for the plant workers.

Appeals may relate to a wide range of issues that are within the competence of the Regional State Administration: in particular, receiving material assistance, dwelling problems, improvement, utilities, urban electrical transport, law enforcement agencies.

Employees who want to turn to the head of the RSA through the public reception room should provide the following documents:

- a written statement setting out the circumstances of the substance of the appeal and the issue raised;

- copies of documents confirming the circumstances set forth in the statement, including the certificate on the composition of the family, the medical report, the certificate of income of the employee and his family members, preferential certificate, etc .;

- copies of the passport and the card of the individual - the taxpayer.

The application should contain the surname, name, patronymic, the place of residence and registration of the employee, the name of the post, contact numbers, the essence of the issue raised, the signature of the employee, indicating the date of filing the application.

The application and the documents attached are submitted to the primary trade union organization in person. Reception is held at: 61037, Kharkiv, Plekhanivska st., 126 (room number 315 in the building of commercial management). Time of reception of employees of the enterprise - every second Thursday of the month from 16:30 till 18:00.