On the 10th of October, the enterprise was visited by the students of the faculty «Economics and Management» of the Department of Management and Military Economy of the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Such a visit is relevant for future military managers and economists.

-"We spend a lot of time in the academy learning theory, so it's very important for us to see everything in practice," - says Maria Naumenko, Professor of Management and Military Management of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. - We decided to organize a visit to the enterprise to see how the production of our military equipment is being carried out. «Malyshev plant» is one of the most competitive ones, therefore, organizing an excursion we chose this enterprise.

Visit of the guests began from the Museum of Plant History. Here the officers got acquainted with the unique exhibits, photo materials, products the plant produced from the moment of its inception. Then students of the National Academy of NSU visited workshops 130 and 150: future military economists and managers were interested in the nuances of production processes of manufacturing and repair of military equipment.

- Our impressions are very positive, - says Lieutenant Colonel of the National Guard of Ukraine Igor Parkhonyuk. - It is nice that there are enterprises producing military equipment of high quality in our country, thereby demonstrating the power and capabilities of Ukraine. We are for the first time in such an enterprise and, frankly, I really liked it. Thanks for the warm welcome and an interesting fact-finding program.