The enterprise continues to work over the restoration and modernization of military equipment, which participated in the ATO zone in the east of the country. The forces of the employees of the plant has restored a regular two tanks BM «Bulat», which will be sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming days.

- Totally 51 combat vehicles have already been repaired by the forces of members of «Malyshev Plant». Now we have 13 more combat vehicles at the plant that came from the ATO zone. One tank has been seriously damaged and can not be restored, so in the near future we will send it to the storage facility. The rest 12 vehicles are currently being repaired, two of them have already been successfully restored, and in the next few days we are preparing them for shipment,- says Chief Engineer of the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Sheiko. - The tanks had a fragile character of damage. At the moment, the vehicles have undergone the entire cycle of repair works on a technical condition, all tests have been carried out, they were painted and ready for shipment.

According to the company's chief engineer, all the necessary documents will be issued in the coming days, and after the acceptance the tanks will go to help to the Ukrainian army to the tank brigade, from where they came to us for repairs.

According to Oleksandr Sheiko in the near future the repair of another T-84 combat vehicle will be completed and it will also be sent to the troops.