For the first time in many decades, the plant's canteens have tempted major updates. In industrial premises and dining rooms of canteens extensive repairs are carried out, modern equipment for cooking dishes was purchased.

According to the director of the plant nutrition of the state enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Vadim Andrenko, until recently, cooks were preparing lunches on the equipment of the 60-70s of the last century.

"The resource of old equipment has exhausted long ago, - says Vadim Andrenko. - Old factory slabs were not economical and did not meet the requirements of the present. At the beginning of this year, a new equipment was installed in the canteens of the plant administration, workshop 120 and the aggregate plant: modern plates and ovens".

Dining staff already work with new equipment and appreciated its capabilities.

"There is a thermostat arranged into our new gas-cooker, besides, they warm up quickly. The new frying cupboard is also very convenient, - says Nadia Tsleuiko, who is working on the dining room at the plant's administration. - Now we just put the product into the frying cupboard, set the mode and know exactly what the products are going to be baked qualitatively and well. "

Updating the equipment is not all the news waiting for the «Malyshev Plant» employees. Nowadays, at the aggregate plant large-scale repairs in the production facilities of the dining room are coming to an end. In the dining room of the plant, a remarkable repair has already been carried out, but it is planned to be continued to create a real comfort zone for people.

"In my memory such major repairs are carried out for the first time in many years,"- says Vadim Andrenko. - A canteen in the plant will receive a new dining room. We have an idea to separate the production area from the food intake hall completely, and now we are developing a project. The new hall will accommodate more visitors, besides, we plan to install a new distribution line for visitors: all dishes will be displayed clearly, like in a cafe".