Recently, the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» has been visited by the crew of the Austrian National Broadcasting Company «Osterraichischer Rundfunk». The main purpose of the visit is to get acquainted with the main products and production facilities of the enterprise.

According to the head and correspondent of the representative office of «Osterraichischer Rundfunk» Christian Ferdinand Vershutz, the decision to visit «Malyshev Plant» was preceded by two reasons.

"Military operations have been taking place in Ukraine for four years, and we are very interested in how the military industry is developing in your country today. This, we can say, is one of the reasons for our arrival, "-says Christian Ferdinand Vershutz. - In addition, I read a lot about the history and tradition of the Malyshev plant - in particular, about a legendary T-34 tank manufactured at the Malyshev plant. I had a desire to come and see how the company and the tank industry are developing now."

Within the framework of the planned program, the Austrian film crew visited a branch of the State enterprise «Malyshev Plant» «Aggregate Plant». The journalists got acquainted with the production of unique engines for combat vehicles, talked with specialists of the plant. After reviewing the aggregate branch the actual production of the main site of the enterprise has been demonstrated to the shooting group. The guests received information about the production of combat vehicles «Oplot», got acquainted with the preparation for the production of experimental hulls for the APC and the process of testing on a newly installed bench for tank equipment.

At the end of the visit Christian Ferdinand Vershutz shared his impressions with us. According to him he was interested in the production of engines the most, as well as the tank «Oplot».