Shop 935 received a long-awaited equipment - a new excavator EP-5,2. This event is very significant for the shop: the purchase of the excavator EP-5.2 became the first purchase of cargo special equipment in the new millennium.

- Our enterprise is developing today, therefore the motor transport shop has a lot of work related to the restoration of underground communications, - says the head of the shop 935 Oleksandr Malikhin. - Meanwhile, the equipment in the shop is morally and technically obsolete, its age is 25-35 years. Thanks to the administration of the plant which has found the opportunity to purchase a new modern and economical equipment.

The new ET-5.2 replaced more than 30-year-old EO2102, which was already deadly worn out both technically and morally. EP-5.2 is a new model with state-of-the-art specifications, says the head of the 935 shop. This is not only a much more productive and fuel-consuming equipment, which allows to perform tasks for the disclosure of underground communications quickly. Manufacturers of the excavator took care of the comfortable conditions for the driver and even equipped the cabin with air conditioning.

According to words of Oleksandr Malikhin the purchase of an excavator EP-5,2 became the first to acquire cargo special equipment in this millennium. The shop hopes that the administration will be able to purchase a KrAZ truck for the transport of dangerous goods by the end of the year. It is planned to buy the equipment next year: the amount of 6 million UAH is planned for the purchase of automotive cargo special equipment.