Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak today, on January 28, visited Kharkiv armored enterprises of SC «UKROBORONPROM»: State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» and State Enterprise «Kharkiv Machinebuilding Design Bureau named after Morozov». The head of the defense department inspected the production facilities, got acquainted with the production process, talked with the working team and awarded the employees with honors.

"Yesterday I was in the area of ATO, and I would like to convey the word of gratitude to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for the vehicles which help to perform combat missions qualitatively,"- said Stepan Poltorak, referring to the working group.

"There is a big difference between the organization of work on the issue and the quality of products in 2014 and today. In 2012 the military equipment in Kharkiv was assembled manually, without serious technical equipment, and there were very few specialists in the workplaces that could work qualitatively", - said Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, adding that the State defense order was completed in 2018.

According to the Minister, over the past few years the Ministry of Defence has allocated more than 10 billion UAH from the budget for Kharkiv enterprises for the production, modernization and repair of armored vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Today, Kharkiv enterprises manufacture products that successfully carry out combat missions. You can not compare the tank of 2014 and the modernized tank of 2019. It is even impossible to compare the materials of 2014, and I remember very well the problems that were then, for example, with armored personnel carriers - with the BTR that your plant produces today. The difference is very big,"- said the Minister of Defense.

Stepan Poltorak marked the technology and techniques of armor production, which is extremely high, verified, and that significantly increases the combat capabilities and survivability of the crews of the Armed Forces units of Ukraine.

"Today I was convinced in the high quality of our armor, which had passed all the tests, was fired from various calibers and withstood the mischief, which made me convinced that certain critical points that bothered me as the Minister for the execution of the State Defense Order were resolved," - said the head of the defense department adding that the Ukrainian Army is waiting for new weapons and equipment.

"We are moving to a new stage in the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is a stage of the creation, production, operation of new equipment: tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles, vehicles, multiple rocket launcher, artillery,"- the Minister marked.

In addition, Stepan Poltorak recalled that the number of workers at the workplaces at the enterprises of the defense-industrial complex has increased by 25 percent in recent years. And the salary at the enterprises engaged in armored vehicles has increased on average by more than 4.5 times.

Taking this opportunity, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine handed over to the producers the words of gratitude of Ukrainian militarians who are currently in the area of the United Force for high-quality equipment that allows them to perform combat missions in a qualitative and timely manner.