Employees of the enterprise and their children visited the plant museum. Malyshev Team and children are delighted from the wandering in time.

The initiator and organizer of the event was the youth council of the trade union of the enterprise. According to the head of the youth council, the senior inspector for the work of the SACC and the office work of the shop 430 Tetyana Ovchinnikova, more than 60 members of «Malyshev Team» and their children took part in the excursion.

"The guide prepared a fascinating rich program: she has acquainted the guests with the history of the enterprise, shared the interesting historical facts with us," says Tetyana. - Both the company's employees and the children were delighted with what they saw. Kids were happy to listen to the story of the plant's history, to look at museum exhibits. In short everyone has received positive, bright impressions and emotions. "

An hour and a half excursion ended with a quiz about the history of the company. Visitors received gifts: pens, posters, pads for the correct answers.