On the eve of the 26th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, a demonstration of units of military equipment on the Ukrainian Army will take place in the center of Kiev. All types of tanks will be presented, and most of them are combat vehicles produced by the state enterprise «Malyshev Plant».

All Malyshev tanks will arrive at holiday from their hometown. After repair tank T-64B was sent for demonstration to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine from the Kharkiv Armored Plant, BM «Oplot» was taken from the National Technical University «KhPI» Faculty of Military Training named after Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which trained future officers. BM «Bulat» left the territory of our plant on the 17th of July. This tank is a «veteran» of the hostilities in the east of the country: it was delivered at our plant with 64 more combat vehicles brought to us from the ATO zone for repair. With the efforts of «Malyshev Team» 50 tanks have already been returned to service, and the 51st repaired on our plant BM «Bulat» went to the demonstration into Kyiv. -This vehicle has passed all repairs in technical condition and has been delivered to the representative of the customer. In addition, at the request of the Central Armored Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine the stairs were additionally installed on the tank for the convenience of lifting up the tower, as well as rear-view mirrors were installed for increased browsing when driving, - says the Chief Engineer of the SE «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Sheiko. According to Oleksandr Sheiko, all military equipment intended for demonstration in Kiev will be painted with a special deformation color. The mission of painting of BM «Bulat» and other tanks was placed on the Kharkiv Armored Plant, and these works have already been completed. The tank is fully ready for the show and will be sent to Kiev in the coming days. After the demonstration in Kyiv, BM «Oplot» will be sent to the military training faculty of NTU «KhPI», and the renovated by KhAP T-64 and restored by «Malyshev Plant» BM «Bulat» will be returned to service into the Ukrainian army.