The output of power units was transferred onto the main platform of the enterprise. This event is considered by the enterprise to be one of the most important during the last decade.

During recent years aggregate branch was engaged in the production of power units. But next year, according to the production program, the aggregate branch will be very loaded, but the platform of the diesel plant will not be sufficiently involved. In order not to distract the aggregate branch from the main production, it was decided to transfer the power units to the main platform of the enterprise and to restore the assembly site on the basis of the diesel plant.

The assembly of power units has already begun, and now it occurs simultaneously on two sites - at aggregate and at diesel plant. But the site of mechanical processing of parts of power units is only gaining momentum, and in the near future the production will be completely put on a new plot. In the near future, there are plans to release 10 units per month – it is 7 power units more than the aggregate plant was still producing.

- There is a great potential in the production of power units, - says the director general of the SE «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Khlan. - This equipment is in demand both on the external and on the domestic market: there is a demand from foreign customers, and from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the entire tank fleet of the country can be upgraded with power units.

The management of the enterprise considers the opening of generating power units at the main site as a significant event, which can be accompanied by other positive changes at the plant.

- We arrange production shops, we create our own stands, repair the machine fleet. So step-by-step we will bring the whole plant in order, - Oleksandr Khlan assured.