The salary at the state enterprise «Malyshev Plant» has increased by 20% in 2018. Plans for increasing of wages for next year are even more grandiose.

According to the words of Director General of the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Khlan, 2018 was successful enough for the company.

"An important achievement of this year became the fact that we managed to raise wages for all employees by 20%. That is, it was planned to be 15% increase, and we eventually managed to exceed the target figure. This was despite the fact that we had huge difficulties and challenges that faced the whole team of the plant,"-said Oleksandr Khlan.

Over the next year the administration aims to further increase the salaries of its employees.

"The plant has all possibilities for the cardinal increase of salaries," - the CEO said. "- The modernization we are currently doing will enable us to increase output and product turnover. Therefore, we need to create decent working conditions and make a salary that fully satisfies workers. Now the enterprise has fixed orders, in addition, we have the prospect of signing of new contracts and, accordingly, loading the enterprise for future work. "