On the 8th of February Director General of the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Khlan took part in the meeting of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. The event was attended by heads of the leading industrial enterprises of the region. The meeting summed up the work of last year and outlined the prospects for development in 2018.

First Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mark Bekker stressed that the Kharkiv region is the center of industry in Eastern Ukraine. All industrial enterprises, whose heads were present at the meeting, in 2017 improved their position.

According to the Director General of the State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Oleksandr Khlan, last year the enterprise produced a record amount of products, plans for 2017 were overfulfilled.

- In 2018 we plan to sell products at the level not lower than in 2017. The average salary is planned to be increased in 2018 by 15%, - said Oleksandr Khlan. - Currently, the plant has issues with modernization and with intensification of cooperation with the National Technical University of «KhPI», Kharkiv Machine-Building Design Bureau, Kharkiv Engine-Building Design Bureau and other enterprises in order to make a technological breakthrough. 2018 is scheduled to be brought to an end with indicators not lower than in 2017.

The regional authorities in their turn will communicate with the central executive authorities of the country in order to address the urgent issues of the industry. A meeting at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the enterprises of vocational education also will be initiated to discuss the issues of attracting young specialists into the industry and rejuvenating the personnel of enterprises.