Forging and Stamping

Forging forging production.

In forging and pressing production of "Factory named after Malyshev VA" made forged and stamped forgings type crank shafts, shafts, rods, plates, valves, axes, cones, cranks, hubs, weights, bearings, gears, flanges, forks, rims , hooks, washers and so on., which have a different configuration.
Designed and developed original technology for manufacturing large forgings of crankshafts of heavy diesel engines, low-waste processes utilized segmented stamping, based on the use of distribution operations, compression, vidbortovky, cross rolling and rolling, stamping bimetallic pistons and other forgings complex configuration.
Weight manufactured forgings ranges from 0,08 kg to 5 750.0 kg, including:
stamped forgings from 0.08 to 250.0 kg
forged forgings from 0.15 to 5 750.0 kg.
To produce forgings are different brands of steels and alloys, including., Steel, standard, structural and alloyed steel, heat-resistant alloys, aluminum and copper alloys, ingots of carbon, alloyed and die steels (castings from 1.5 to 10.0 tons).
Heating the billet before forging (stamping), mostly flame. In PShM3t units and heating 0,9t pieces made in electric chamber furnaces.
Production of stamped and forged forgings made mainly on the universal equipment, incl.:
Stamping hammers the weight of falling parts 0,9t, 1,5t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 6t, 10t, 16t.
Stamping presses crank efforts TS 1600 2500 TS, TS 4000
Forging (cutting tool) machines efforts 400t.s., 800t.s., 1200 TS
Hydraulic forging press efforts TS 1500
Drop forging pieces weighing 0.4 tonnes falling., 2 t, 6t.