In order to produce modern and high-quality products it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment. Updating and upgrading of the equipment is one of the main tasks of the enterprise.

According to Deputy Chief Engineer on modernization Dmitry Dolotin, the main purpose of the update is to optimize work processes maximally, making them more automated. One of the most important directions of modernization is the updating of test stands.

"This equipment allows you to test and perform a complete check of the efficiency and quality of manufacturing units and aggregates. The quality of the products manufactured at the plant depends on the possibilities and characteristics of the stands ", - said Dmitry Dolotin.

The lion's share of efforts to modernize test stands is firstly applied at the aggregate plant. The aggregate plant is set up for mass production, so there is a need to increase product manufacturing and improve its quality.

"This year we have already succeeded in upgrade of one engine test stand,- says Dmitry Dolotin. - A modern control equipment was installed at it. The same equipment was purchased for two more stands, the modernization of which is currently ongoing. We are also working on updating the test stand for fuel equipment. All stands will have modern equipment with frequency regulation and engine control, modern hydropower plants. At the moment, we continue work of development a universal stand for fixing blocks. This stand is developed by ourselves, using the experience of other companies. In the near future modern components will be procured and installed and the stand will be ready for operation. "

The renovation of stands also takes place on the main area. In the nearest future a new modern test stand will be installed in one of the shops, its function is to check and analyze the work of the transmission. Also modern conditions will be made for new equipment. A special place for stand is allocated in the shop and even a separate room in which the operator of the stand will work was built. Also plans to make a stand for testing torsion shafts. There is already an understanding of how to do this and even a concept developed.

Thanks to the modernization of test equipment it will be possible to improve product quality significantly, simplify the workflow and improve the production culture.

"The equipment at the enterprise is already too outdated, so such updates are extremely necessary. It is necessary to have the appropriate equipment to produce modern products, - considers the deputy chief engineer. - We want to upgrade the equipment so our carriers could use not the panels with a bunch of pressure gauges, but do everything with the help of a computer, where all running processes would be displayed – it means to work in a modern way. "