Enterprise central laboratory

Primary activity:
performance of research and development in the field of materials science;
development and industrial implementation of integral methods to increase structural strength of heavily loaded parts, assemblies of products and tools;
maintenance of the diversified production for materials science problems.

Research base of ECL includes laboratories of metallurgy, metallography, metallurgy of hammer-work, casting non-ferrous and ferrous alloys, non-metallic materials, molding materials and laser processing, metal coatings, anti-corrosion, strength, mechanical tests and wear resistance, X-ray analysis, electron microscopy and technical introscopy.

ECL laboratories are equipped with modern equipment.

ECL has a bank of modern programs for processing of experimental results on computer.

ECL has an extensive experience in solving problems of improving reliability and durability of products due to introduction of new materials and advanced manufacturing processes, integrated strengthening, modern types of physical non-destructive quality control, and structure optimization.

ECL works on the study of composition, structure and state of any solid body, any tests of materials with definition of mechanical and fatigue properties, wear resisting and scoring resistance properties.

ECL has proprietary designs in the field of high-performance energy-saving technologies including the use of continuous wave laser, manufacturing of precision forged and stamped blanks, environmentally sound and low-toxic processes in galvanic and thermal production, use of new non-toxic and non-flammable detergents and coolants, composite electrochemical coatings, integrated methods of non-destructive control.