CPL of «Malyshev Plant» is not accidentally considered to be the most advanced one among the laboratories of all enterprises of the defense complex. This division not only fulfills its current responsibilities, but also implements a whole range of its own projects, thanks to which the plant can solve modern technical problems independently and promptly.

According to the head of the Central Plant Laboratory Yevgen Satanovsky, now the laboratory carries out several projects initiated by it. Some of them are aimed at both improving production, saving money and import substitution. In particular, until now the testing of torsion shafts manufactured by the Malyshev plant has been carried out by another company, and the plant paid for this work.

"In order to test torsion shafts at our company, the plant administration proposed that we develop a test scheme for torsion shafts. Now we do not depend on another company and close the cycle of works inside the plant ", - says Yevgen Satanovsky.

Another initiative concerns the development of the technology of manufacturing metal. The plant used metal strengthened by the outsider organization for the manufacture of hydropressed rolled stock. CPL initiated the abandonment of the services and supposed to make this metal in our plant. Both projects are under implementation.

The CPL took over the responsibilities of the laboratory that was lost more than ten years ago and functioned in one of the shops. In its time the plant stopped making spare parts made in this shop and the laboratory was closed.

"Now orders have appeared again, the shop has resumed its work and the plant's management turned to us for help. We developed a fundamentally new method for controlling the parts and introducing it into production - we could assume the functions that were previously assigned to the workshop laboratory,"- says Yevgen Satanovsky.

In addition, the need for operational control of quality of many materials, which are supplied to the company, dictated another initiative of central plant laboratory. CPL offered to create a sector of express laboratory. Its function is to monitor the quality of everything metal rolling which comes to our enterprise carefully. This project is almost realized.

No of less importance is today's task of the company - import substitution, and the laboratory also joined its decision.

- We constantly performed tasks of using of metal, alloys and components of domestic production, or alternatively, the products of western countries. The quality of the material supplied to the plant should be checked in the laboratory, and our task is to certify new products. This is a large complex of works, which requires significant expenses, - emphasizes the head of the CPL.