The state enterprise "Plant Malyshev", which is the part of the State Concern "UKROBORONPROM", according to the strategic state program, continues the renewal and modernization of production equipment. High-performance machines and coordinate-measuring machine, which was recently received by a branch of State Enterprise "Plant Malyshev" "Aggregate Plant" are among the last important revenues.

New equipment will make it possible to upgrade the production process, make it more qualitative, to make the necessary parts with accuracy in the micron's part. High precision machines will be involved in the production of parts for the engines of combat vehicles.

"- The new equipment is universal, - says the chief engineer of the branch of the State enterprise "Malyshev Plant" "Aggregate Plant" Vitaly Azatsky. - It has high performance and will enable to perform a number of important operations. Conditionally, if before each separate function was performed on several machines, now employees will be able to perform all functions on one equipment. Accordingly, it will significantly accelerate the process, save time and reduce the number of errors."

In addition, to replace the obsolete equipment "Aggregate Plant " has received a coordinate-measuring machine. This equipment provides precise measurement of parts, and thanks to a technical upgrade the aggregate plant can significantly improve the accuracy and quality of its manufacturing.

To use new equipment the worker should have special skills and knowledge. Therefore, specialists who already have experience with digital high-precision machine tools are employed to perform these tasks. Now they are undergoing additional training and mastering new equipment, which they will use.

In the near future the State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant" is expected to receive the next party of new equipment.